From the recording Mountains & Valleys

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Verse 1
Created in His image ,
Authentic No clones or fake gimmicks
From head to toe we were shaped in the potters hands, given dominion over the land,
AND OUR plan was God's business
Somewhere our heart shifted,
Lust flesh, eyes, and pride were all tempted
Needed an answer and God sent Him – we were all lost sinning –
Yet he died con-fi-dent – said it’s all finished
By faith because He’s Risen- with that Rodman,
Dennis was menace – but chemist had to fall back
We're selective when we talk about what He did
Testimonies chopped, cropped, and edited.
The deep dark secrets that only you and Jesus know
Are still a thorn in ya flesh, but you're free grow.
What will they think if they know about our past
They'll know He's great - and take a mental photograph
Cause see We’re pictures of glory, photos of faith,
Movies from mercy, documentaries of grace(18)
The penalties that he takes to continually mediate..
Like Father please don't judge them yet I know that one day they change
Crucified a fresh when choose to follow the flesh
Misuse his life for death, when we moving like the rest.
You’re my Judge, my lawyer, the truth I confess- Case for Christ – walk out court like George Jeff

What He did for me - I gotta tell somebody
What he did for me - took me out my mess
What he did for me - We all got a testimony
What He did for me - I'm blessed!