1. JOTL

From the recording Mountains & Valleys

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I’m too well rounded to fit in the box they made for me (Square)
Plus I’m surrounded by God’s angels from day to day.
He gave me power to get wealth, I prosper in His name
Speak His word over my life and pray
Pre- Hook
Humble isn’t low self-esteem
I’m not Prideful I’m bold in Him
I will sing unto the Lord, He triumphs gloriously
The Lord is my strength and song,
And he is become my salvation
He is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation;
On my Mountain – I’ll keep on praising
In my Valley –He’s still amazing
Our hallelujah is not conditional – In Christ we’re singing
I the JOTL, JOTL, JOTL, JOTL, I the JOTL, JOTL….Joy of the Lord!
Verse 2
Believe for good or for bad its faith either way
We choose to meditate on the good news that Jesus gave
Who the son sets free is free indeed, let me explain
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty
Rap Jolt Verse
We’re over comers as cold as summer
He chose to love us so we owe him numbers
Days, dollars it’s all his
The ones already born and if I have more kids
Mother’s father. Teens to toddlers
Have all been redeemed by the things that God did
Cross, turn, dip and step
Cause on the cross we turned, you see the difference? yup!